Thursday, April 26, 2007

Standing Object Illusion

Step 1
Open our picture (it is located here). Picture size is 500px x 375px.

Step 2
We have to remove white background from our picture. First copy background layer (use CTRL + J on the keyboard) and name it back_copy. Insert new layer and put it below our "back_copy" and name it "white". You can now delete our "background layer". Now use Magic Wand tool (W) set tolerance to 20 and click somewhere on white area on "back_copy" layer. Press DEL on keyboard. Next go to the IMAGE - CANVAS SIZE and set new values for dimension of 500px x 750px.
Digital Photo News - Photoshop tutorials

Step 3
Now we have to copy "back_copy" layer so we again use CTRL + J on the keyboard. Name that layer "illusion". Go to the EDIT - TRANSFORM - FLIP VERTICAL. This will flip "illusion" layer. Pick Move tool (M) and move picture exactly below our object. Also put "illusion" layer below "back_copy" layer in the layer palette.

Step 4
Now we have to make illusion of dissapearence. Click on the "back_copy" layer, go to the Layer palette and click on Add layer mask.
Digital Photo News - Photoshop tutorials
Click on the mask, pick Gradient tool, select Black,White and drag gradient tool from the top of our picture down to the 4/5 of picture (maybe just a little more). Set opacity of layer to 70%.}
Digital Photo News - Photoshop tutorials

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