Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Transparent Cube

Transparent Cube

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to create a transparent cube. This is what we will be creating :

Step 1.
Start of by creating a new document. I made it 200x200 and filled it with a gray color. Make a new layer and pick up the Poligonal Marquee tool. Create a selection like below and fill it with a blue color:

Step 2.
In this step we are going to create the inside of the cube. So create a new layer behind the second layer like this :

To create the interior of the cube we are going to make 3 parts using the poligonal marquee tool.
For the first selection fill it with the same blue color and using the burn tool burn the bottom
area :

In this image I hidden the Top layer for a better view:
ce e ala
Now repeat the step for each wall :
de ce
Now i have revealed the the top layer and reduced its opacity to 40%

Step 3.
In this step we are going to modify the face of the cube. So select the top layer and grab the poligonal marquee tool. Create a selection like this :
Using the dodge tool dodge the selection and after deselect. Using the same dodge tool dodge untill you get a result like below:

Step 4.
Grab the poligonal marquee tool and on a new layer make a selection like below and fill it white :
So high
Lower the layer opacity to around 20% and repeat the step for the top area.
You now have your transparent cube. With text:
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